Living Room Organization

Master Handyman

There’s a reason why the living room is called such…it’s the place where your family does most of their communal living, so it’s no surprise that this room can easily become the catch-all of “life’s accessories”. Items like dog toys, shoes, magazines, remote controls, dirty socks (yes, we saw you) and backpacks can pile up to make an otherwise lovely room look cluttered. Fortunately, Master Handyman is here to walk you through some quick steps to breathe some life back into your home’s living room.

Getting It Organized:

  1. Leave space between furniture pieces—it’s more visually appealing than filling every inch with stuff.
  2. Keep only a few decorative and functional items, such as books and coasters, on coffee and end tables.
  3. Corral remotes in a pretty box so they are not strewn about, or ditch multiple devices and purchase a single universal remote that controls all electronics.
  4. Limit the number of collections you display to one—anything more can overtake the room, both physically and visually.
  5. Designate a spot for family members to place a few personal items.

Keeping It Clean and Organized:

  1. Every day: Put remotes back, clear surfaces and recycle newspapers.
  2. Once a week: Remove everything that doesn’t have a permanent home.
  3. Once a month: Edit down any collections such as books or DVDs that have grown over the last four weeks, toss or file paperwork and purge magazines and catalogues.

That’s it…you’re done with this month’s organization project! Now take a look around…do you feel your living room could benefit from custom built-in shelving or fresh coat of paint? Call us  for a free, no-obligation project estimate. We’re committed to providing you with dependable and skilled handymen, great customer service, and first class workmanship — guaranteed!