Smarthome Innovations

Smarthome Innovations for 2017

Smarthome technology continues to develop at a rapid pace! Why not make 2017 the year you decide to make your home a smarthome? Use of smart products can give your home and family various benefits — the same benefits that technology and personal computing have brought to us over the past 30 years — convenience and savings of time, money and energy. Our friends at Good Housekeeping have compiled a list of some of the coolest “smart” items for your home.

Smart Small Appliances

New versions of slow cookers, tea kettles, and coffee machines tap into your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to control them via an app on your phone. Think: turning on“brew” from bed so your coffee is waiting for you when you get up…there’s nothing smarter than that!

Smart Refrigerators

Samsung Family Hub Fridge’s built-in cameras take a snapshot when you close the door, which you can then access from your smartphone while you’re perusing the grocery aisles. In the future, they may even be able to tell how long your broccoli’s been in there and when your leftovers have turned. Yum!

Smart Safety

The Brio Safe Outlet will only deliver electrical current if it senses a plug — not a tiny finger.
In fact, the entire Brio Home Safety System uses a network of wireless sensors positioned throughout your home. Each of these “high-tech helpers” is a specialist in detecting dangers in your home – when they detect smoke, water or harmful carbon monoxide gas, the appropriate Brio sensor sends a signal to the Brio wall unit, which instantly communicates with your Brio mobile app so you can react quickly. If your phone is off, or not in reach, the sensors will alert you with an audio alarm.