Update a Bathroom

February Home Improvement Project: Update a Bathroom

Master Handyman

February is almost here and with its arrival comes a new chance for you to commit to maintaining and improving of one of your largest investments, your home! Each month, we will highlight a home maintenance task or improvement project that is vital to the operation of your home and can increase your home’s value. We know schedules are hectic and you can’t always get to the tasks or projects that we will touch upon, which is why we want you to think of Master Handyman  as your go-to connection for all of your home improvement and maintenance needs!

This month, we are focusing on updating the bathroom. When it comes to a bathroom remodel, even if the space you are working with seems small, the options can be endless. From mixing up the tile colors to installing a new shower head, any change made in a bathroom will make a statement. Take a look at the top five bathroom updates we have found to really make a bathroom remodel stand out.

  • Frameless Glass Shower Doors. Replacing your standard sliding shower door with a frameless glass shower door instantly adds a sense of luxury. With a full glass shower door, you can remove the old ledge or lip that you used to have to step over to get inside the shower. This functionality benefit makes this option a great choice to suit aging family members.
  • Heated Towel Bar. Doesn’t it just sound relaxing? Simply hang your towels on the heated bars before you step into shower and look forward to wrapping yourself in warmth after.
  • Windows and Skylights. Get rid of the dullness and bring in the light to your bathroom by adding a window or skylight. A window situated right above your bathtub is a beautiful option to open up the view to your outdoors. If wall space is limited, opt for a skylight above your shower to add some natural light.
  • Wall-mount Shower Heads. This feature is one great way to truly customize your shower. Withwall-mount shower heads, you can adjust the heads to spray high or low to accommodate people of all heights.
  • Tile Walls. Did you think tiles were made just for the bathroom floor? Think not. One of the biggest statements you can make in your bathroom remodel is to cover one of your walls in a fresh colored tile. This type of upgrade will become a focal point of the space.