Motion Sensor Technology in the Home

Master Handyman

Motion sensor technology has opened up a whole new world of convenience and accessibility for homeowners. Today, we’re going to feature some of the ways you can incorporate motion sensor technology into your home.

  1. Faucets – motion sensor faucets have two major benefits justifying their installation. They not only save huge amounts of water, they also reduce the risk of spreading germs. Motion sensor faucets are also easier on arthritic hands compared to traditional facets with knobs.
  2. Lights – motion sensor lights can increase safety and security in and around your home. They can bean excellent deterrent against burglary because it will be much harder to break into homes and remain unnoticed in a house which is lit properly.
  3. Door Sensors – motion sensors on doors can alert homeowners to unauthorized entry in their homes. These sensors can also alert a caregiver if a patient is leaving the safety of the home.

It’s best to do some research before installing motion sensor technology in your home, as you may want to manage all of these items via a smart home hub, and not all items are compatible with all hubs.

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