Picture Hanging : Tips on Hanging Pictures & Artwork

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From family portraits to elegant paintings, there’s an art to hanging and arranging pictures and artwork. Before picking up a hammer to get started, take this advice from Master Handyman into consideration to ensure that your wall arrangement looks its best.

  • Not everything needs a hanger. Many people mistakenly think that anything hung on the wall requires a hanger, when in actuality you can get by without one when hanging items that weigh less than 20 pounds. In these cases, a thin paneling nail hammered into the wall at an angle will usually do the job just fine. This is beneficial when it comes time to group items, as hangers can make it harder to position them together into the perfect arrangement.
  • Support the weight. For heavy, intricate frames or other items that weigh more than 20 pounds, a sturdy hanger is a must. Most packaging will tell you how much weight they’re designed to hold, so make sure you know the exact weight of each item before you hang it. For added support, you can use two hangers, anchoring one of them into a wall stud. This method will distribute the weight more equally, put less pressure on the hangers and help to keep the picture level.
  • Scope out your options. In addition to the standard nails and hangers, other options for hanging objects on the wall include wall anchors, toggle bolts and expansion bolts. These are generally used to provide added support for heavier items. Again, the packaging should tell you how much weight each fastener will be able to support.