3 Signs It’s Time to Replace a Wooden Fence

old fence

While there are times that a simple repair such as replacing a warped board or damaged fence post are enough to shore up an aging fence, there comes a point that it’s more cost-effective to completely replace the fence

with a newer, stronger version. Frequent repairs can add up over time. If you’re not quite sure if this is the year to invest in a new fence, keep an eye out for the following signs that indicate a fence replacement is imminent.

Missing Fence Boards

One or two missing or damaged boards can be replaced easily enough but when there are multiple ones broken or missing, that’s a good sign that a full fence replacement may be necessary. Even the strongest and sturdiest of fences can break down with age, as moisture and temperature changes can cause them to warp, rot, split and crack.

Rotting Boards & Posts

While replacing a couple rotting boards or posts is no big deal, a large number indicates widespread moisture damage and significant deterioration. This is a sign that the structural integrity of the fence has been compromised, which means that it may be best to call on Master Handyman for fence installation service instead of repairing it board by board and post by post.

Tilting Fence Boards

Over the years, severe weather and extreme swings in temperature can really do a number on your fence. The fence boards, as well as the main structure of the fence, can eventually weaken to the point that the whole installation starts leaning. A few leaning boards can quickly be replaced with new ones, but if some of the posts are tilting and the majority of the fence is leaning, a full replacement is probably your best option.